Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature


Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Seminar: Can a dose of nature become a standard prescription for a mental health problem?

Can a dose of nature become a standard prescription for a mental health problem?

Dr Dan Bloomfield, University of Exeter

Over the last few years a project has been running in the south west of England called A Dose of Nature.  It’s aim has been to expand nature-on-referral service, from general practice and mental health services.  Numerous challenges have been faced, including: finding a common language between quite different sectors (health, environment); building up trust; meeting demand; and generating the kind of supporting evidence to progress. This talk will look at the challenges and the solutions, and report on the next stage in the work to make a nature-based intervention for depression and anxiety a mainstream prescription.

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Health in Place seminar series

The value of urban natural environments is widely acknowledged and supported by a growing body of evidence, and many examples of good practice, and yet there is still a gap between what we know, and what we do in practice, across the environment, health and social care sectors.

The aim of this seminar series is to move the agenda on to consider how we might adopt a more structural, systemic and landscape approach to utilising the health and well-being benefits of natural environments at a city-wide level. The presentations will address a range of issues such as:

– Relevance of historical precedent

– Systemic barriers to green health (policy, governance, siloing, budgets, conceptual)

– What kinds of evidence do we need to overcome these barriers?

– Anatomy of a healthy city

– Examples of best practice

– The limits of a green health approach (who or what are not susceptible to such an approach)

The seminar series is intended to be interdisciplinary, and is aimed at both stakeholders and academics.