Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature


Friday, February 15th, 2019

Seminar: Reweaving the frayed fabric: greenspace interventions to promote wellbeing in Sheffield


Dr Julian Dobson and Dr Nicola Dempsey, IWUN, University of Sheffield

Cities are places of human, ecological and institutional stress. The elements that make up the city – its people, its landscapes and its functions – are engaged in continual processes of being woven together and pulling apart. ‘Urban nature’ mediates relationships between stressed humans, stressed landscapes, and stressed public services. This talk highlights the magic of the mundane – how ordinary experiences of nature, and ordinary actions to improve the connections between people and nature, can relieve some of those stresses and reweave the frayed fabric of urban life. It shows how simple, relatively inexpensive interventions can make the benefits of urban nature available to people who might otherwise miss out.