Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature


Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Seminar: Spatial Planning for Health

Carl Petrokofsky, FFPH, Public Health Specialist

Healthy Places team lead, Public Health England

The built and natural environment are recognised as major determinants of health and wellbeing across  the life course and can determine the establishment of social networks, the location and quality of housing, and human exposure to air and noise pollution. Some of the UK’s most pressing health challenges – such as obesity, mental health issues, physical inactivity and the needs of an ageing population – can all be influenced by the quality of our built and natural environment.

Public Health England established the Healthy People, Healthy Places programme in 2013 to help it promote an approach within the organisation, with national government and national agencies, and with local authorities that support them to recognise and address the role which the built and natural environment can play in improving health and reducing health inequalities.

This talk will explore the background and nature of the evidence base and explore the challenges of how this can be translated into planning policy, with special reference to green Infrastructure and the natural environment. Reference will be made in particular to two recent PHE publications Spatial Planning for Health and Healthy High Streets.

Download the slides:  HERE