Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature


Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Seminar: Transforming systems and engaging people to maximise health benefit from the natural environment

Date:                          Tuesday 7th February 2017

“Transforming systems and engaging people to maximise health benefit from the natural environment”

Rachel Stancliffe, Director of The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare


How do we achieve better health from the natural environment sustainably and on a large scale with budgets, professional and other silos seemingly preventing this from happening?

One way is to tackle the system and try to improve it. Another is to engage people directly in improving their own health by understanding the benefits from the natural environment. Increasingly, with mass availability of information and apps, this latter seems more possible.

In this talk I will give some examples of both top down and bottom up approaches to explore how we might maximize health benefit from the natural environment.

The science of sustainability is still very young and sustainability research is still in its infancy. Nonetheless, in healthcare as in many other areas, economic, environmental and social factors are increasingly playing a part in decision-making. The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare works in partnership to support this more holistic decision making. It is important to us that research findings are as unbiased as possible, interpretable and relevant to patients.

We will explore questions such as: who should pay for health and wellbeing benefits from the natural environment; how ‘green health can sit within the NHS; what helps to engage people directly; where is the research evidence in this area? And I’ll give some examples of projects such as our work to transform clinical specialties to make care greener, workshops bringing health and the natural environment together, the NHS Forest and Green Health Walks linked to GP practices.

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