Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature


Friday, May 18th, 2018

Seminar: Using valuation practices to learn about health and wellbeing in cities


Dr Kelly Watson, Research Associate, University of Manchester | Consultant, Arup

Dr Watson’s research investigates the application of valuation practices to the urban built environment in order to drive learning about health and wellbeing in cities. There is now widespread acceptance that capturing, measuring and monetising the benefits of green space in cities will facilitate investment and delivery. Placing a value on the co-benefits of green infrastructure can help to build the business case for investment in urban nature. This approach has the ability to reach new audiences, cross traditional silos and promote cross-sector partnerships by making the possibility of shared outcomes visible. However, challenges exist in relation to funding and financing gaps, current investment and appraisal models that do not always allow wider value to be included in decision-making, and ensuring stakeholder engagement and qualitative narratives are also considered. Moving from the business case to the value case is key to making better-informed decisions, and the current wealth of interest in urban health and wellbeing offers a valuable way to bring urban actors together. The presentation will draw on recent academic research in Manchester Urban Institute to understand the impact of the Living Campus plan on the University campus environment, and also consider the Greater Manchester City of Trees programme and opportunities for impact evaluation at city scale through industrial work at Arup.

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