Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature


Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Work package 4.1 update

In work package 4.1 we’re continuing to consult with practitioners and stakeholders around Sheffield to inform our selection of actions to be investigated through the cost-utility analysis in work package 4.2. Group discussions have been held with community organisations and ‘friends’ of green spaces, members of the parks and countryside and planning departments at Sheffield City Council, and other key stakeholders.

The discussions are raising interesting challenges about how the links between natural spaces and wellbeing are understood in practice, and how planning and funding decisions can be taken that maximise the potential benefits. Julian Dobson and Nicola Dempsey will report findings from this work at three important academic conferences in the coming months: the ‘Park Politics’ conference in Vienna in June, the Royal Geographical Society annual conference in Cardiff in August, and the Association of Social Anthropology conference in Oxford in September.

Nicola Dempsey presented the IWUN project to the East Midlands Branch of the Landscape Institute on 2nd May at SLR Consultancy offices. Attendees were from different organisations including the National Forest Company, FCPR and DSA Environment & Design. We discussed how some of their clients are asking for healthy green interventions in their plans and designs so we hope that IWUN will be contributing to that process of design, planning and implementation in due course.